Coaching – a powerful tool for change

Have you ever wondered why the same thing keeps happening to you, or there are habits that no matter how hard you try to break them, you can’t? Neuroscientists now know that only 5% of our thinking is conscious and in fact we are unaware of our 95% unconscious thinking. It is here in our unconscious that decisions are made, stress is triggered and habitual thinking and behaviour is continued.

Coaching is powerful because it helps bring your unconscious patterns into awareness and enables you to create new empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviours for desired and lasting change. When we change on the inside something miraculous happens: the world around us changes too. As Einstein said, when we change the way we think about things, the things we think about change.

Coaching process – During the session the coach will listen, observe and respectfully feed back to the client the patterns of thinking and behaving that they hear, see or feel. The coach will share with the client techniques for creating desired change and an action plan will be agreed at the end of each session. Successes and challenges will be reflected on at each session and new learning explored and embedded.

Coaching for managers and leaders – The coach will work with clients to bring out the authentic leader within them. They develop an awareness of the links between their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and outcomes. This self-awareness helps build emotional intelligence, authenticity, confidence, stress management and clear strategic thinking that leads to competent and confident leadership.

Case study – Coaching for new social workersWe are currently supporting new social workers through the Frontline coaching programme. A typical programme offers 5 x 90 minute sessions scheduled over a year. Clients are supported to identify their core values and to think about what a successful outcome would be for the coaching programme and individual sessions. Topics that clients have worked through in coaching include: thinking systemically and strategically; managing upwards; managing work-load, stress and multiple priorities; finding solutions to problems and developing good decision-making strategies.

Our Coaches – we have independent coaches on the team whose clients include Telefonica, The Big Lottery, Ravensbourne College, The Frontline, charities, small businesses, as well as one-to-one support for professionals. Our coaches are adaptable and able to work at all organisational levels in differing specialties, including CEO and Board level, not-for-profit, business development and governance. Coaching is solution-focussed and uses a wide range of coaching techniques and models, whichever is the most appropriate at the time.

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